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Vehicle Wraps

Billboards that sit atop of buildings or on the side of highways can be an effective form of advertising, but only reach people in a single location. By purchasing a wrap you can expand your visibility to more customers for a fraction of the cost.

Displaying your company's information with a wrap, you get a campaign that can last for years, far longer than a stationary billboard, classified ad, or radio spot. Depending on whether you want to advertise just company information or specific offers, you can get long-term wraps that last for 5 to 7 years, or a short-term wrap that lasts for 1 year.

Finally, you can also reach potential customers that may not see ads in newspapers, on radio or TV, or through the Internet. While they can turn away those mediums, it's more difficult to ignore ads placed directly in front of them during their daily commute.

Types of wraps
Depending on how much of your vehicle you want to wrap, there are a few different options:

Complete wrap – Covers the entire surface of the vehicle. Transparent film (or “window perfs”) is used on glass

Half wrap – Covers half the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back. May also include a hood logo

Window graphics only – Wraps only the windows using window perfs

Vinyl lettering only –The most basic and least expensive wrapping option. Typically includes just 1 or 2 colors, a company logo, and a phone number or email address

Virtually no preparation work needs to be done. (Except a good wash!)
A wrap protects your paint and is removable.

Wraps are usually installed within a day or two.

Less Costly:
When compared to airbrush or a paint job, wraps are about half the cost!

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